09-08 August 2009
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09-08 August 2009

Geocachingshop Nieuwsflash - august 2009


In this newsflash


New Geocoins
Fenix flashlights
New trackable
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Newsflash, August 2009

Welcome Geocachers!

In this newsflash a new additions to our shoplot's of new Geocoins, re-chargeable batteries for Fenix flashlights and a new trackable carabiner.

The Geocachingshop in the news:
This fall, there will be an article on Geocaching and the Geocachingshop in the monthly 'Camperkriebels' of the Dutch Camper Club.

In october, we will be at the Internationaal Navigatie Event and at the 'Snert Event' in Groningen, the Netherlands!

Happy reading and we hope to see you again in our shop,

Marly Verberne

New Geocoins


Here, a number of the newest Geocoins in our:

40 Years Man On The Moon - serie

FTF Craze ComicA new serie of 3 geocoins to celebrate 40-year anniversary  of the 1st landing on the moon.

Start: This coin has a red outer ring. On the front you can see Apollo 11 raket and on the backside the "mission details" of Apollo 11.

Moon: Blue outer ring, on the front the landing of the Eagle and on the backside the legendary footprint.

Earth: Silver outer ring, on the front the landingscapsule and on the backside the 3 astronauts (Armstrong, Collins en Aldrin)


Across the atlantic

Ammobox glitterThe Dutch-American Steamship Company was founded in 1873. It was headquartered in Rotterdam and the shipping and passenger line was a principal carrier of immigrants from Europe to the new world: New York. It became known as the Holland America Line.

The needle on the back of the coin is movable.


Pirates Skull Dubloen and Treasure map



Beside the golden Skull Dubloon and Treasure Map, these beautiful Piratencoins are now also available in silvercolor.



Jack of All Caches

Dutch world serie We all know the King(s) of Caching I'm sure and the reigning Queen in our caching circle is not be outdone by anyone short of the caching Ace of course so the rest of us often fall into the knave of Jack category ourselves.

A beautiful big geocoin in the shape of a playingcard.


Dutch world serieProximity Geocoin

first in an upcoming series. This coin serves as a fun reminder of one of the cardinal rules of Geocaching. Caches have to be spaced out and 528ft of 161 meters is the minimum distance you can place caches from each other.

Cache Wars
Dutch world serie

This coin is an homage and parody of one of the greatest movies of all time.

Our hero will use the power of cache to control the universe.... with his dog.

On the reverse, the scrolling text is the story of the fist cache found ever.

These and other Geocoins can be found on our websit, at Geocoins.

Fenix flashlights


From Fenix we have the DSB Batteriecharger en rechargeble Lithium-Ion batteries for the use of various Fenix flashlights such as Fenix TK11.

Fenix DSD Batteriecharger for 18650 and RCR123A
Compact batteriecharger for various Lithium-Ion batteries such as type 18650 and RCR123A.
Charges 1 or 2 batteries independently.

UF 18650 Oplaadbare Lithium-Ion batterij
3,7 Volt/2400 mAh. Protected against overloading and deep de-loading.


You can find these products on our website, at flashlights.


New trackables


Trackable karabijnhaakTrackable Carabiner wiht compass and Mobile loop

This attractive black carabiner features a compass on the strap and a moblie loop on the keyring.
On the Carabiner there is a unique trackingnumber that can be tracked at www.geocaching.com.

You can find these products on our website, a trackables.

In the news


Dalldorfer Hüttenevent:
The Dalldorfer Hüttenevent (GC1W12M), on September 20th in Germany, is for the Geocachingshop to far away to join.  Therefore we decided to help the team with a small package. Are you organising a Geocaching event yourself, please let us know.

Navigation event:
On october 6th, we will join the European Navigation Event. This event has been organised for several years now and has been mainly focusing on testing new  (car)navigation systems. This year, it is for the 5th time, they will also touch upon other areas of GPS naigation for cycling and walking and Geocaching.
The Geocachingshop will be there to explain about Geocaching. Next to that, it is possible for the participants to doa small multi-cache. Check here for registrate for the  European Navigation Event.

Snert event (GC1QTK0):
On october 24th, the Geocachingshop will be at the Snert event in Sellingen. We will be there around 10am and stay until the evening. We will bring as many things as possible. If you have special whishes, please let us know.

Camper Club Nederland:
This fall, there will be an article about Geocaching and the Geocachingshop in the monthly of the Dutch Camper Club.



If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly Verberne

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