Geocoins General
A geocoin is a metal coin that is used in Geocaching. It is (often) the intention that the coin is taken from cache (hiding place) to cache. The geocoin has a traceable number via, so that the owner can follow the journey of the geocoin on a website. Because geocoins can be made to your own design, they appear in many shapes and sizes. In addition to traveling, geocoins are also purchased as a collection.
Geocoins work in the same way as travel bugs and other Geocaching trackables.
How does it work with registering a geocoin or other trackable?

Make sure you have the code of the trackable (is on the front or back and sometimes on the side with Geocoins)
You need an activation code. This is sometimes included on the card that comes with it. In other cases you can request this from our website.
Go to
Enter the code that is on your trackable
This is not yet activated, after which you will be asked if you want to activate it
Enter your code and activation code
The trackable is now activated. After this you can adjust the title and goal to your own liking.
Now you can send the trackable on a journey (leave it in a cache) or carry it with you to discover or discover
Have fun traveling!

Geocoins Generic
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