12-77 March 2012
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12-77 March 2012

Newsflash nr 77 March 2012


Welcome Geocachers,

Last weekend was our first event this year. We enjoyed a beautiful day where people worked hard to 'ring' some trees and hang some bat boxes. A well organised CITO!
Coming weekend, our event team will be at the Hoorn's Cache Event and the week after  at the ACE event in Hengelo (GLD).





 This week again some very nice new geocoins, but also a very special addition to our FarmtagZ : the Delftsblauw couple. I'm not sure, this couple really lived at a farmhouse, but we found it a good addition to the series.


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Happy reading,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne
Geocachingshop.nl, Geocachingshop.be, Shop4geocaching.eu

N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

New Geocoins
Celtic Triangle Geocoin

The Celtic Triangle Geocoin is an abstract illustration of the Triqueta. It means triangle and is a symbol for love and honour. It can often be found on historic coins, as well as modern wedding rings to represent eternity.

With a small ring, this coin is also usable as a neglace

Size: 44 mm in diameter; 3 mm thickness
Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon: Celtic Triangle Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel Celtic Triangle Geocoin Icon 16 Pixel

Anubi geocoin
Anubis was a god in the Egyptian mythologie. He was portrayed half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form.
Anubis was associated with the mummification and protection of the dead for their journey into the afterlife.

On the backside an Egyptian pyramide, the first geocache...

Size: 38mm in diameter
Trackable at geocaching.com with its own:Anubi Geocoin

You can find these and other new Geocoins at our website in New geocoins.

FarmtagZ - Delfts Blue couple


New in the FarmtagZ series,  is the Delftsblue couple. This series is based on the life around a farmhouse. FarmtagZ are dogtag-kind of  trackables, around 5 cm in size.


Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon: FarmtagZ  



You can find these and other trackables at our website in Trackables.

Cache containers
Fake Rock and Cone

These authentic looking rocks and cones are made of plastic and therefore very robust. They measure about 8 cm in diameter and 5 cm high.  On the back is a text printed, that it is a geocache.

These make one of the most fun geocaches out there.

The rock and cone are delivered including a watertight micro container.


Speciale geocoins
This edition, no new specialty Geocoins:

For more specialty geocoins

Groundspeak products

Hide it, finde it, log it







News from Groundspeak: Hide it, Find it, Log it.
It is as simple as that.
We have hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts and trackables added to our portfolio.

Do you miss something from Groundspeak?
Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak.
Geocachingshop at Events


March 2012:
On 17 march we will be at the Hoorns Cache Event in Hoorn (NH), NL
On 25 march we will be at the ACE event in Hengelo (GL), NL

April 2012:
On 7 april we will be at the Dosenfischen event in Dortmunt, Germany
On 15 april we will be at the Brugse Beer II event in Brugges, Belgium

Mei 2012:
On 13 mei 2012 we will be at the Landmachtdagen event in Oirschot, NL
On 20 may 2012 we will be at the Bordspelevent in Hoogvliet, NL
On 26 may 2012 we will be at the Uiensoep-event in Kampen, NL

Juni 2012:
On 23 juni 2012 we will be at the Thee in de polder event in Biddinghuizen, NL

September 2012:
On 1 september 2012 we will be at the Mys(t)erie event in Lommel, Belgium

For more information on our presence at events, you can look at our 
event kalender.

Are you organising an event yourself and would you like to have the Geocachingshop present, contact us, so that we can see what the possibilities are.
Do you still have question, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.
Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064


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