10-25 november 2010
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10-25 november 2010

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Newsflash nr 25, november 2010
Welcome Geocachers,

Finally available again: the Travelbag. This time in blue and in a version with a lot of useful different pockets and a strengthened back.
Also, on special request, we have now compact UV flashlights in our shop.

Of course also a few new trackables, a.o. the beautiful Gemini Geocoin.

You can follow updates of our shop on Twitter: @geocachingshop.

Lot's of reading and shopping pleasure.

Marly and Willem-jan Verberne

Geocachingshop.nl, Geocachingshop.be, Shop4geocaching.eu
N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

New Geocoins


Puzzle master geocoinPuzzle master geocoinPuzzel Master Geocoin

This geocoin is for all cachers who love the "pleasure of resolving" a difficult puzzle geocache!

Size: 38mm x 3.5mm

This coin is trackable at geocacing.com and has its own Icon.Geocoin Icon


Snowball geocoinSnowball geocoinSnowball geocoinSnowball, 3 stuks

Become part the largest geosnowball fight! Each trackable pack contains 3 snowballs: 1 white, 1 dirty and of course 1 yellow snowball. Toss them into trades or just throw them at your geocoin friends. But be careful, revenge is sweet!

Each pack comes with 3 trackable Geocoins.

Trackable at geocaching.com.



Gemini Star of the NorthGemini Star of the NorthGemini North Star

Castor and Pollux were twins in the Greek mythology. They had different fathers which made one mortal and the other immortal. After Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus if Castor could also be made immortal so they could stay together. Zeus did this by transforming them into the Gemini constellation.

The two brightest stars in the Gemini constellation were given the names of Castor and Pollux. The constellation is located between Taurus and Cancer. You can also identify the ecliptic using the Gemini constellation by tracing a line from the waist of Pullux to just above the left foot of Castor as shown on this geocoin.

  • Measures 50mm diameter
  • Highly detailed art
  • Hard enamel translucent, and solid colors
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com with its own icon.


You can find these and other Geocoins at our website.

Other trackables


Travel Bag BlueTravelBag available again

Now available in blue.
Though backpack with different convenient pockets.

The Travelbug logo and number are clearly visible on the center area. The Travelbag is comes with a complete set of Travelbugs.


Travel FTF Geo awardTravel FTF Geo Award

A small size FTF (first to find) geocoin/tag made to fit in 35mm film canisters and other small geocache containers. The perfect reward for the first-to-find geocachers.

Size: 42mm long and 17mm wide

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon: Geocoin Icon

You can find these products in the category: Trackables.



UV FlashlightUV FlashlightUV Zaklampen

Now finally a compact UV lamp in our shop. With 12 leds, it gives enough power to reveil all secrets of a nightcache.



We also have special UV markers:UV marker




You can find these products in the category: night caches.

Groundspeak products



Do you miss something from Groundspeak?
Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak.

Geocachingshop bij Events


November 2010:
On november 20, we will be at the OZFE in Dronten

March 2011:
On march 27, we will be at the ACE event in Hengelo

Juni 2011:
On juni 18, we will be at the MZLE event in Lopik

Augustus 2011:
On august 28, we will be at the Geocoinfest in Keulen, Duitsland

Oktober 2011:
On oktober 22, we will be at the Snert event in Sellingen

For more information on our presence at events, you can look at our event kalender.

Are you organising an event yourself and would you like to have the Geocachingshop present, contact us, so that we can see what the possibilities are

Do you have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne
N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

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