Groundspeak Premium membership - 1 year - by email
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Groundspeak Premium membership - 1 year - by email

44,95 € Incl 21% TVA

37,15 € HT

Premium Membership Geocaching.comGroundspeak Premium membership - 1 year, new or renewal, by email

Buy now your Premium membership at Groundspeak and enjoy the benifits.

After payment, you will receive an activationcode and instruction for activation or renewal of your Premium Membership via Email. 

No shipping costs for this product.

Only for European customers.


Show me the Difference Basic Membership Premium Membership
Organize Your Favorites
Organize geocache listings and create favorite lists with the bookmark feature.
Custom Searches
Create custom searches based on geocache size, location, attributes and more with Pocket Queries.
Download the full cache description to your GPS for optimal paperless caching (depends also on the GPS model).   Yes
Be Instantly Notified of Geocaches
Be the first to find a geocache when you receive Instant Notifications about newly published geocaches on your cell phone or other mobile device.
Caches Along a Route
Search for geocaches along a route on your next road trip. Tell us where you are going and we will let you know what geocaches are along the way.
Support the development and maintenance of the site. As long as you continue to renew your membership, you will always be guaranteed the rate at which you first became a Premium Member!
Premium Member Access to all Groundspeak Websites
When you become a Groundspeak Premium Member, you gain access to all premium features and tools at, and
Access to Location
In order to view coordinates and location information for geocaches, a membership (basic or premium) is required.
Yes Yes
Share Your Experiences
Write about your experience in the geocache logbook and then place your geocaching stories and photos online.
Yes Yes
    How do I get an activeringscode?

    With each travelbug, travel tag, geocoin of other trackable, you need an activeringscode to activate your trackable at
    Sometimes, the code is already added, e.g. with most travelbugs. It is then available at the paper card which is included with the product.
    With the other trackables, you need to request the activastioncode at our website via the following link:
    Request activeringscode.

    Mijn Premium membership is automatisch verlengd. Hoe kan ik dat stopzetten?

    Uw premium heeft u automatisch lopen via Dit zijn wij niet. U moet ook via de automatische verlenging stop zetten. 
    Bij ons kunt u alleen premium membership lidmaatschappen kopen voor 1 jaar.

    Beste Op hoeveel toestellen kan je inloggen op 1 profiel? Bedankt.

    Als ik kies voor de Premium lidmaatschap - 1 jaar - per e-mail, kan ik dit dan cadeau doen aan iemand of begint de termijn te lopen vanaf verzending e-mail? Ik zou dit graag cadeau doen voor kerst aan iemand maar wil wel zeker zijn da ...

    Geachte lezer, 1. Ik heb zojuist een Premium-membership besteld en betaald als gast. Hoe nu verder om dit te activeren? 2. Omdat het automatisch verlengd word. Wat is de opzegtermijn van hrt abonnement?

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