Activation codes

Activation code

Travelbugs, travel tags, trackables and geocoins. As long as they are trackable at, they all have a trackable code code on the coin or tag.

To be able to use the trackable, you need to activate the trackable first.

This can be done by following the steps below:

1. You need the code of the trackable itself (which is on the trackable or Geocoins. With Geocoins, it also can be on the side or is sometimes very small).

2. You need the activation code. This is with some trackables (e.g. travelbugs) already enclosed. With all others, you need to request the activation code at the following link:

Select this link voor requesting Activation codes

3. Once you have the activationcode, you can go to and activate your trackable.

Happy caching and a lot of fun with your trackable!