Dish Round Magnetic Geocaching Container - S - (55 x 20 mm)
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Dish Round Magnetic Geocaching Container - S - (55 x 20 mm)

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Dish Round Magnetic Geocaching Container - S - (55 x 20 mm)

The dish geocaching container is a round screw tight tin with a magnet glued  inside for easy placement. This unique geocache can go just about anywhere! Great for Urban hides with some space!

The cap contains a protecting foam.

Diameter: 55  mm

Height: 20 mm

Geocaching Logbook included!

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Data sheet
Container size
    Is de Magnetische rechthoekige Geocache Container - 10 x 5 ad 6.95 waterdicht? Groet, Tendeteam

    Nee, deze is niet waterdicht. Als je er een logsheet of boekje in doet, dan het beste deze in een gripzakje doen.
    Tevens is het betere deze uit te regen te plaatsen.

    Is the word "official" spelled correctly on the round magnetic "official geocache" containers? In some of the the photos it says official. Thanks, Erika

    Yes, some print where wrong, but that has been corrected by either a new production or by an additional sticker.

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