3 x QR Travel Bug®
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3 x QR Travel Bug®

set of 4 x QR Travel Bug®


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Set of 3 x QR Travel Bug® - (Black, blue, and green)

Introducing the new scan-able Geocaching QR Travel Bug®. Each tag features a unique QR code that takes you directly to the the item's trackable page on Geocaching.com. Just scan it...log it.... and keep it moving.

A Geocaching QR Travel Bug® is a unique tracking tag that you can attach to items and give them goals for others to try and complete! This does not replace the classic Travel Bug® but simply is in addition to our existing product line. 

Each Travel Bug comes as a pair: one bug gets attached to an item (or on its own) and the other is a copy that you can hold on to. Travel Bugs have a unique tracking number stamped into the metal tag.

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