ESP LHU-14-43 tactical flashlight holster
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ESP LHU-14-43 tactical flashlight holster

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ESP LHU-14-43 tactical flashlight holster

The ESP LHU-14-43 is a tactical torch holster that enables you to easily access your torch using just one hand. Since the torch is drawn sideways out of the holster, the holster does not tilt towards your body, making it convenient and easy to use when wearing a vest.

Both types of clamps can be opened so that you can attach your holster to your belt without having to unbuckle your belt. The holsters with the open clamp are more compact, which makes them the ideal option when you cannot carry the torch on the side of your body. Conversely, the holsters with the closed clamp are preferable when you can carry the torch on the side of your body. The extra length of the clamp gives the holster more stability when the torch is drawn. The holster can be rotated so that it can be carried horizontally in the car, for example.

Product specifications:

  • Robust click system, equipped with sturdy safety lock system
  • Suitable for use with torches with head diameter of 43 mm 
  • Suitable for use with belts of up to 60mm wide and 6mm thick
  • The torch can rotate full-circle (360 degrees)
  • The underside of the holster is open, allowing you to switch on the torch and use it whilst still in the holster.

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