Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh 4 pack + battery box
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Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh 4 pack + battery box

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Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh  4 pack + Battery box

The 4-AA eneloop battery pack utilizes SANYO’s advanced rechargeable battery technology allowing them to be recharged up to 500 times, 33% more than any eneloop battery!

They deliver excellent power performance. They come pre-charged and can be used immediately out of the package. These eneloop cells also have increased storage life and better extreme temperature performance than the original eneloop batteries.

    SANYO eneloop Pro 2500 mAh 
Ni-MH, improved low self discharge rechargeable AA batteries
    Maintain 75 percent of their charge after 3 years of storage
    Can be recharged up to 500 times
    Pre-charged and ready to use right out of the package
    Work in extreme temperatures down to –4°F
    Provide long lasting power
    Pre-Charged using power generated from solar energy
    No memory effect – batteries can be recharged when fully, or partially drained

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