III (d3Zusjes Engelstalig)
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III (d3Zusjes Engelstalig)

Some books are so dangerous, they better remain closed

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III - by Ina Enssr

Dit book is in het Engels. Een Nederlandse versie vind je hier

On August 18th Paul Bos disappears. When he is still missing after two months, his wife contacts crime reporter Kristie Beekman. She finds out that Paul's disappearance is related to his hobby geocaching, a game where the players use a GPS to locate hidden treasures. Assisted by John and Ine, two experienced geocachers, Kristie continues her search. In the beginning the investigation is very strenuous. But when Kristie finds a metal tag engraved with a strange number, the investigation gains momentum. Then hidden clues, riddles and hints bring them closer to the truth, the horrible truth, hidden where death dwells - deep in the forest.

‘I wrote this book for you. With this book you can start your search for the next dimension. Discover what life really is. Isn't that something you want to do? You are curious, aren't you? Of course you are. Pandora is in everyone. But think twice. If you decide to open this book, it never stops, until you reach the end. Heaven... or Hell.’

- Ina Enssr.

ISBN 9781521397619

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