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Victorinox - Sportsman with ring

A true "sportsman" always values his good appearance, even when traveling.

  1. large blade 
  2. can opener with
  3. -small screwdriver
  4. nailfile with
  5. -nail cleaner
  6. corkscrew 
  7. reamer, punch 
  8. key ring 
  9. toothpick 
  10. tweezers 
  11. cap lifter with
  12. -screwdriver
  13. -wire stripper
  14. tweezers or toothpick 
  15. cap lifter with
  16. -magnet. Phillips screwdriver
  17. -wire stripper

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VictorinoxPocket knives




I own more than 50 pocketknives. This is the one I carry everyday in town. Its got the tools I use most often. The smaller size of the sportsman makes it easier to carry and less scary looking to sheeple. This knife handles alot of everyday problems. It also makes you look smart and prepared. Carrying the right knife and using it responsibility makes you the go to guy in your circle of friends. This is the right knife.

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    Victorinox - Sportsman

    Victorinox - Sportsman

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