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Treasure Hunt - Geocaching Boardgame



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Treasure Hunt - boardgame

The first Geocache inspired boardgame

Plan a route to complete your own secret mission before the others. Your explorer needs to travel over roads and sandy plains, through woods and rivers, to arrive at the next coordinate using the most efficient or tactical route. Once arrived, you will receive a new coordinate or clue where the treasure on that route can be found. But watch your opponents explorers! They will try to sabotage your activity with fallen tree trunks, damaged bridges or other obstacles. Given the right action cards, a bit of luck and perseverance, you could be the first to accomplish your mission and reach the greatest treasure of all, victory!

The game is language independent and the rules of the game are in English, German and Dutch.

More information, FAQ and a youtube explaination movie can be found on the website of Catchmegames.

Here, you can find the flyer on the boardgame.

Developed by Catch Me Games in co-operation with

Treasure Hunt - Geocaching Boardgame


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Treasure Hunt - Geocaching Boardgame

Treasure Hunt - Geocaching Boardgame

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