Signal's Labyrinth Travel Tag - The hedge
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Signal's Labyrinth Travel Tag - The hedge

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Signal's Labyrinth Travel Tag - The Hedge

Can you help Signal the Frog® and his trusty dog Tracker navigate the labyrinth?

Finally, Signal sees a light in the distance of the cave. He marches forward, away from the troll who is distracted by the jewel he found. The light in the distance and a sweet smell of flowers lead him out of the cave and into an elaborate hedge maze. Will Signal be able to navigate through the maze and continue on his quest?

Help solve the puzzle and navigate the maze by collecting all six of the official Signal's Labyrinth trackable tags!

To learn more about Signal's Labyrinth and start your own adventure, you can click here. 

Size:30 x 40 mm

Trackable at with an unique icon.

signal's labyrinth travel tag-hedge
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from 45 mm
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