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Care Plus® Tick Test


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Care Plus® Tick Test

After a tick bite you must act quickly. If you wait for the first symptoms, the infection is already chronic. Always go to the doctor if a red ring (Erythema migrans) form around the bite or if you have symptoms. The erythema migrans appears in 35-50% of cases within three weeks at the bite site. That spot progresses slowly, fades in the middle and then disappears.

The Care Plus Tick-Test is new. With this tick-test, you can test the tick whether he was carrying the Borrelia, the causative agent of Lyme disease. The sign looks like a pregnancy test and gives results within 30 minutes. The test gives your doctor important information that any treatment can be started quickly: this increases the chances of success

• Shows the Borrelia bacteria in the engorged tick, the causative agent of Lyme disease;
• Fast-diagnostic test, therefore, to be used shortly after the tick from the skin has been removed;
• The Care Plus Tick-Test you test the tick, not the person;
• If you have more than one tick in one person removed, you can examine them simultaneously in one test;
• Provides within 20 to 30 minutes a 92.99% reliable results (a 100% gold standard was never real);
• Only use when engorged ticks, which have been longer in the skin;
This type of test can not prove anything. This lateral flow mark test shows only the most common strains of Borrelia. In addition to the Borrelia bacteria can be in character other ill-makers are present. These are not shown by the Tick-Test.
Scientifically tested by the University of Hanover, where PRC test results were compared with the results of the Care Plus Tick Test.

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Care Plus® Tick Test

Care Plus® Tick Test

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