Openstreetmap - Germany MicroSD
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Openstreetmap - Germany MicroSD

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Openstreetmap Germany - MicroSD

Have more fun with your Garmin GPS with this Germany
Topo map on a 8GD MicroSD card.
The only thing you need to do, is insert this in your Garmin device.

Compatible with the following Garmin devices:

eTrex 20/20x, 22x, 30/30x and 32x
Dakota 20
Oregon all models
GPSMap62, 64 and  66 (all models)
Montana all models

The map is an Openstreetmap based map containing

© OpenStreetMap contributors
The data is available under the Open Database License and the cartography is licensed as CC-BY-SA.
You can find the complete copyright page here.

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