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LED Lenser - MT7



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LED Lenser - MT7

The LED LENSER® MT7 is a tactical lighting instrument designed for special law enforcement units. This lamp is virtually indestructible. You can use it to defend yourself, break glass, or alert emergency services with the SOS function. You can drive back attackers with the military-developed strobe function. Simply change the light program for more “civilian” applications. With the LED LENSER® MT7 you can choose between electronically controlled unvarying light intensity, and continuously decreasing brightness resulting in longer burning life.

Apart from offering light power, this lamp is also a strong and reliable companion in extreme situations because of its tactical functions.

The LED Lenser MT7 is powered by 4 AAA-batteries which lasts till 11 hours.

In the box:

    4x AAA-batteries
    Beltlip & carrying cord

Led Lenser MT7 features:

    Length: 132 mm
    Weight: 187 gram
    Beamlength: 255 meter
    Lumens: 220 lumen
    Burning time: till 11 uur


    5 years garantee.

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BatteryAAA Battery


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LED Lenser - MT7

LED Lenser - MT7