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Geocoin Tableau: Viking Dragon Shield



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Geocoin Tableau: Viking Dragon Shield

This tabelau is suitable for 8 geocoins. These are not included in the price.

The front of the Vilking Dragon Shield Geocoin is designed after a traditional wooden Viking shield. The wood grain came out perfectly, you can even see the nails. The edge is made to look like pieces of metal placed like scales and nailed to the shield.

On many historical Viking shields and ships you see dragons, because of the strength and the mythical meaning. Therefore also on this shield, we have choosen for a celtic dragon.

The runes around the edge on the back are for you to decipher.  That text is a verse from the Hávamál, part of the Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking age. To complete the design there is a Viking dragon as background for the text.

Dimensions: ca 20 x 26 cm



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Geocoin Tableau: Viking Dragon Shield

Geocoin Tableau: Viking Dragon Shield

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