Cryo Tube Micro container-V2
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Cryo Tube Micro container-V2

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Cryo Tube Micro Geocache - V2

These cryo tube geocaching containers are approximately 50mm tall by .13mm wide.

Cryo tubes were created to be airtight and able to handle extreme temperatures. These are most commonly used in the medical field but adapted to be used in geocaching due to their durability! These are prepainted brown to make sure they fit in the hidingarea.

cryo-tube logs fit in these perfectly!

The cryo-tube logs are also available on our webite.

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    Is de Magnetische rechthoekige Geocache Container - 10 x 5 ad 6.95 waterdicht? Groet, Tendeteam

    Nee, deze is niet waterdicht. Als je er een logsheet of boekje in doet, dan het beste deze in een gripzakje doen.
    Tevens is het betere deze uit te regen te plaatsen.

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