Challenge Patch - 365 Days of Geocaching
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Challenge Patch - 365 Days of Geocaching

2,95 € Incl 21% TVA

2,44 € HT

Challenges Patch - 365 Days of Geocaching

Celebrate your milestones! 

Geocaching is a game of adventure, exploration, community and statistics!

The patch is approximately 6.3cm in diameter.

It can be used as an iron on or you can sew on to your favorite gear! 

0.02 kg
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    With each travelbug, travel tag, geocoin of other trackable, you need an activeringscode to activate your trackable at
    Sometimes, the code is already added, e.g. with most travelbugs. It is then available at the paper card which is included with the product.
    With the other trackables, you need to request the activastioncode at our website via the following link:
    Request activeringscode.

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