Loyality program

Loyality program

As a token of appreciation for loyal customers, we have defined a loyalityprogram.
If you buy something in our shop, then you will for every Euro one point or Dox.
Do you have collected 500 Dox, then you can exchange this into a voucher with a value of €5,- for each 500 Dox. This voucher, you can use to buy goods in our shop.
The number of earned Dox you can view on our website, as soon as you login in your account.
The will be only Dox added to your account when the order is processed and shipped.
This program is not valid for dealers/resellers and custom made products and is only valid for purchase made through our website..

Exchange Dox
You can exchange more Dox at once or in parts.
You can use the voucher during the payment process in our shop (valid for all products excuding shipping costs).
Dox can never be exchanged to actual money.

Changes and removal of your account
The amount of collected Dox is coupled your account / email address.
If you want to change the email address or want to move the collected Dox to a new account, please contact us.
If you request for removal of your account, the collected Dox will be automatically removed.
Dox have a validity of 3 years.

Leadtime and ending of the program
This program starts on 1 november 2012. 
Only for orders which are made in our shop from 1 november 2012 onwards, Dox will be added to your account.
geocachingshop.nl can decide to stop the program. In that case, you will be able to use the collected Dox for 12 months.

Happy caching, shopping and collecting in our shop.