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Wonders of the World Passport Geocoin and Trackable Tag Set



Challenge yourself to explore the Wonders of the World!

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Wonders of the World Passport Geocoin and Trackable Tag Set

Fill up your passport with all of the Wonders of the modern and ancient World!  These unique hinged geocoins are sure to be one of the favorites of any collection.  See all the passport stamps on this fun and creative geocoin, and send the included trackable tag out to earn it's own stamps, one geocache at a time! 

With the Wonders of the world, you can log geocaches to collect stamps, unlock levels, and earn new souvenirs.  Celebrate all of your travels with this amazing geocoin and tag set! 

Size geocoin: appr 4.5cm high and 6 cm wide (open)
Size tag: appr 3 x 4 cm

Trackable at with a unique icon


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Wonders of the World Passport Geocoin and Trackable Tag Set

Wonders of the World Passport Geocoin and Trackable Tag Set

Challenge yourself to explore the Wonders of the World!

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  • How do I get an activeringscode?

    With each travelbug, travel tag, geocoin of other trackable, you need an activeringscode to activate your trackable at
    Sometimes, the code is already added, e.g. with most travelbugs. It is then available at the paper card which is included with the product.
    With the other trackables, you need to request the activastioncode at our website via the following link:
    Request activeringscode.

  • Can I define my own trackingcode?

    Sorry, no that is not possible.

  • Can I use my own existing tracking code?

    You can use your own code on certain products.
    This must be a trackable code (eg from another travelbug or trackable), so no self-invented code.
    With those products you can see a label with a mark that you can use your own code.
    In the product there is a separate tab with a field where you can enter the code. Make sure you save this 

  • I want to use my own Trackable code for a sticker or decall?

    That is possible. You can enter your own code for various stickers, which we then use for the sticker.
    This code must be an existing trackable code from (eg from an earlier travelbug).
    You can enter this in the 'Own input (...)' tab that you see to the right of the product information.
    After entering the code, briefly press 'save' so that the code is stored with the product and then put it in your shopping cart.

  • Do I need to provide my own travelbug/trackable code?

    No, with most trackables, a code is already placed on the product in the factory (travel bugs, geocoins, travel tags, etc). For some products (eg the personal tag or stickers) you can specify a code that you already have from another Geocaching product. Or if you want a sticker made with an existing code.

    If you do not have that code, no problem, we will provide a code.

  • Why is the activation code not included?

    A number of travel bugs come with a printed card with the activation code. This is possible because a fixed activation code has been chosen there.
    With many other trackables and geocoins, activation codes are different for each trackable / geocoin and can therefore not be printed on a card. This can then be requested via our website.

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