SKUDO PET-DOG - Tick and Flea repeller
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SKUDO PET-DOG - Tick and Flea repeller

Your dog 10 months protected against ticks and flees

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SKUDO Human - Tick Repeller

The electronic tick & flea repeller use ultrasonic impulses which disturb the parasites forcing them to abandon/stay clear of the person. The device thus carries out a preventive action which is completely harmless for people and other animals. It can be attached to clothing (belts, clasps, buttonholes, etc.) using the supplied clip. Once the red flap has been removed, the device will operate continuously for 10/12 months, thanks to a non-replaceable lithium battery. The repeller is not damaged by moisture although it is not water resistant, direct contact with water should therefore be avoided. The device does not use any chemical or polluting substances.

SIZE: 35 x 29 x 19 mm.

HOW TO ACTIVATE: Pull the small flap: the device is working now.
FEEDING: Irreplaceable lithium battery.
WARNING: Do not block the emitter (e.g. by putting inside a pocket).




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