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Decoder handbook for Geocaching



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Decoder handbook for Geocaching

Practical handbook A6-format.

47 pages with nearly 100 codes, translations, lists, alphabets and encryptions.


ROT 47, ROT 13, ROT 53Sign language28
Atbash4Special alphabets, Hebrew, Greek29
Polybios 54Hieroglyphic31
Polybios 64Japanese numbers31
Vigenere-Quadrat5Mayan numbers32
AVGAD cypher5Runealphabet33
Freemason V1+2, Rosicrucian cypher6Anglo-saxon runes34
GC code7Cirth34
Bifid cipher7Dragon runes35
Value/Hex/Dec/Oct/HTML/Nato/W.Union8Ogham or Celtic Tree apphabet35
ASCII9Matorian alphabet36
Murraycode (CCITT-2)10Visitor alphabet37
Baudot (Telex)11Utopian alphabet37
Prime numbers 1-100011Marain alphabet38
HTML error codes12Alphabet of the Magi38
Periodical system of elements13Kryptonian alphabet38
PI14Malachim alphabeth39
Eulers number14Hylian alphabet39
Roman numbers14Enochian alphabet39
Amino acids15Futurama alphabet40
Betamaze code16Daggers alphabet40
Alchemy time symbols16Atlantean alphabet40
Musical notes17Deadric alphabet41
Dancing man code (Sherlock Holmes )18Klingon alphabet41
Resistor / Colorcode18Passing the river alphabet42
Puzzle code19Angelic alphabet42
Semaphore / Winkeralphabet20Theban alphabet42
D’ni Numerals21Extra Tengwar44
Flagcode22Tuvaluan alphabeth44
Vanity / Keyboard23Sarati45
Country ISO codes23Voynich alphabet46
European zodiac24Tynisian knitting hats46
Moons and planets of the solar system25Aquaria alphabet47
Chinese Zodiac26Single needle telegraph47
Morse27Aurek besh alphabet48
Braille27Chinses alphabeth48
Chinese numbers & fingers28


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Decoder handbook for Geocaching

Decoder handbook for Geocaching

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