09-12 December 2009
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09-12 December 2009

Geocachingshop Nieuwsflash - December 2009


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New Geocoins
Vincent van Gogh Geocoin
Night caching
New Micro coins
Creating Geocoins
Garmin products
Geocachingshop at Events


























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Nieuwsflash, December 2009


Welcome Geocachers!

It is become winter now. The wheather is getting rough. TO be able to go out Geocaching, we have warm hats and funny bandana's (sjawls).

For the night cache creators, we have now a wide set of FireTacks, 3D as well as 4D and FireTapes, in different colors.

Last month the Geocachingshop was present at the OFZE event in Dronten (NL). We had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to be able to be there next year again.

The coming weeks will be a little more quiet for us. In january, we will be at a big event in Belgium, the ET event (close to Antwerpen). We noticed that already a lot of people have registered, so we are really looking forward to this event.

Happy reading and see you in our shop,

Marly Verberne
de Geocachingshop

New Geocoins


Here, you will find a number of new Geocoins in our shop:

RembrandtRembrandt Geocoin
Inspired by the famous work of Rembrandt, the 'Nachtwacht'. A large square  Geocoin in antique silver and antique gold.



Geocaching starGeocacher's Star
A star in the northern starry sky is baptized "Geocachers Star 2009".



Compass Rose 2009Compass Rose 2009
2009 is the fifth year of the official Compass Rose Geocoin™. This coin celebrates the anniversary by incorporating design aspects of all five years into one coin. It also adds one more special feature of an actual working magnetic compass. The coin is
7mm thick and has a diameter of 50 mm.




Seals of Salomon (antiek zilver)Seals of Salomon
This is a really cool design with lots of detail and mystique, and REAL Swarovski crystals, which really give the coin life.



Happy BirthdayHappy birthday
A gift for that special someone on their birthday. This coin is 42mm square and detailed designed gift to give. It is trackable on Geocaching.com and even has an area on the back for up to two lines of etching. Just take this coin to your local engraver and have their name, birth date, or a personal message etched on the coin for a lasting memory.


This Geocoin celebrates the well know caching phrase of Thanks For The Cache!




CacheWars antiek zilverCache wars
This CacheWars Geocoin is now available in antique silver edition.






CrossStaff, BackstaffCross staff

A very early navigational instrument, the cross staff was widely used among surveyors and astronomers. It was not until the 1500s after it was developed further that it started to be used at sea.




The Sextant Geocoin™ is a commemoration to the sextant. The octant and sextant replaced most of the earlier navigation tools in the late 1700s such as the back staff, mariner's astrolabe, and quadrant. The octant is 1/8 of a circle and a sextant is 1/6 of a circle. The sextant allowed for more range in the degree scale over the octant. The Geocoin has glowing elements.


You can find these and other Geocoins at our website, at Geocoins.

Vincent van Gogh Geocoin



Vincent van Gogh GeocoinVincent van Gogh Geocoin

After months of preparations, the first samples of the Vincent van Gogh Geocoin have arrived. We expect the coins in a couple of weeks.

Vincent van Gogh was born at 30 maart 1853 in Zundert (NBr, NL). From 1883 till 1885 he lived in Nuenen, the village where we also are living. In this peroide, he made a lot of paintings about the farmerlive. He also made a lot of drawings which became better and better.
The frontside of the coin is based on a self portret of Vincent van Gogh from 1888 en and the backside is based on a drawing  "Wheatfield with a stoke and a mill", made in 1885 in Nuenen. On the drawing, you can see the Roosdonck mill. This mill is still there and is used regularly (you can buy flour and other products on saturdays).

Next to that, there is a cache hidden near the mill. Take a look at: GC1N33T

This coin will be made in limited edition in antique copper, foggy gold and foggy silver and in regular edition in antique bronze and antique silver.

You can reserve this coin by sending us an email. We will let you know when the coins arrive.


You can find these at our website, at Sneek preview.


Nacht caching


FiretackFiretackRecently, we have extended our collection reflectors with a number of different Firetags, 3D as well as 4D and also Firetaps, which are easily wrapped around a branch.





If you want to have a good flashlight for a night-cache, we have the perfet lights from Fenix. They are compact, have an impressive light output and are very robust. These lights are water resistent according to the IPX-8 norm, which means that you can drop it in water without a problem.

There are models ranging from 10 till 630 lumens, so there is a model for everyone!

TK12 set

With the TK11 and TK12 models, there is a attractive offer in combination with 2 Li-Ion batteries and a loader.






You can find these products on our website, at Reflectors & firetack and in  flashlights.


New Micro coins


Musketeer micro LEMusketeer Micro LENew are the 2 Musketeers microcoins.




Next to that, we have 4 new travelers (small travelbug-kind of trackables with a ballchain) for an attractive price (€4,95). The newest models are: Travel Compas, Travel Turtle, Travel Dragon and a Travel flying Pig. We have also the Travel Pink Ribbon back in stock.

Travel Flying PigTravel DragonTravel TurtleTravel Compass

Travel Pink Ribbon



You can find these and other Micro coins at our website, at Microcoins.

Create your own Geocoin


Are you organising an event and do you want to create your own Event coin or do you just have a good idea for a Geocoin, contact us and maybe we can help you.

We are organising the complete Geocoin production for your. From drawing till Geocoin in your hand, we are dealing with all the steps in the process.

Our email address is  info@geocachingshop.nl or just call us. The telephone number can be found at our website: www.geocachingshop.nl

Garmin products


Garmin Oregon 550tAlready some time now, we are official dealer for Garmin products, where we focus on GPS devices in the Geocaching domain.

Now only the relevant devices are offered, but also accessories as Topo maps, bike clips and power cords..


Next to that, we expect in the coming week, protective foils from Zagg, the 'Invisible Shields' for most of the Garmin models.




You can find these products at our Garmin GPS section.

Geocachingshop at Events


OFZE Event (Dronten, GC1XRHW):
At november 14th, we were present at the OFZE Event in Dronten. It was a busy day where we could show a lot of people what we have to offer. Most likely we will be there again next year.

ET Event (near Antwerpen, Belgium, GC1Z7T7)
At januari 24th we will visit our southern neighbours, where we will be present at the ET Event in  Antwerpen. If you have special whishes, please let us know so that we can bring it with us.

Next to that, we are in discussion with other events in the Netherlandsm Belgium and Germany. We are trying to plan in everything as good a possible.

Are you organising an event yourself and would you like to have the Geocachingshop present, contact us, so that we can see what the possibilities are.


Do you have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly Verberne

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