09-10 October 2009
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09-10 October 2009

Geocachingshop Newsflash - October 2009


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New Geocoins
Night caching
New Micro coins
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Newsflash, October 2009


Welcome Geocachers!

The summer is at an end. It is clearly becoming autumn. To be prepared for the colder weather, we have new hats and bandanas (a kind of scarf).

The reflector foils where quickly sold out last month. In the meantime, we have them on stock again.

Last week we attended the International Navigation Event in Houten, Utrecht where we explained to a lot of people what Geocaching actually is. We had a very fun day.

In 2 weeks, we will be at the Snert Event in Groningen. If you have special whishes, please send an email to us, so that we can make bring it with us.

Happy reading and see you in our shop,

Marly Verberne
the Geocachingshop

New Geocoins


Here, you will find a number of new Geocoins in our shop:

IlluminatiIlluminati (design by Mambo)
Long awaited, but finally it is there, the Illuminati Geocoin.
A very beautiful design, based on the book of Dan Brown (Angels and Demons). Available in antique bronze and antique silver.


Willem van OranjeWillem van Oranje Geocoin (design van Stoffelen sr)
Also on this Geocoin we had to wait a long time. It is based on the first Dutch coin which has been made in 1583.




Fortune Favors (design Chris Mackey)Fortune favors
A big and above all, heavy geocoin with a beautiful 3D design.



King of GeocachingKing of Geocaching (design Mambo)
Recently added, this Geocoin design by Mambo. A funny design which makes the Geocacher happy.


Achievement GeocoinsAchievement Geocoin
For the fanatic Geocachers, we have now  achievement Geocoins, Finds (from 100 till 6000 caches found) as well as Hides (from 10 till 200 caches hidden). Also nice as a present for a friend Geocacher who reached a milestone.

The achievement Geocoins are delivered as a set (Geocoin + matching pin) and optionally in a beautiful velvet box.Achievement Geocoin in velvet box





Soon on our site:

- Seals of Salomon (new color, design by Mr Mackey)
- TFTC Geocoin
- Cache wars (antique silver edition)

You can find these and other Geocoins at our website, at Geocoins.



Geocaching MutsFor the cold autumn- and winterdays we have really warm and comfortable hats (100% cotton).


Or use a multi-functional Bandana, which you can wear as hat or scarf. You can quickly change at colder weather.

Available in different colors and prints.

The explaination how you can wear it, you can see below:


Bandana uitleg









Two-tone pet Geocaching

We also have again most Groundspeak hats back on stock.




You can find these products on our website, at Hats and clothing.


Night caching


For makers of night caches we have special 3M microprisma foil   (in white/silver, red and orange) and original Stealth Bright Firetacks.


3M reflector folie






You can find these products on our website, at Reflectors & firetack.


New Micro coins


Cachekinz RupsRecently, we added 4 new CacheKinz: the beetle, catepillar, grasshopper and firefly. Very nice designs.

Cachekinz VuurvliegCachekinz SprinkhaanCachekinz Kever





We also have 5 new travelers (small travelbug-kind of trackables with a small ball-chain) for a nice price (€ 4,95 each). There is a Travel GPS, Travel Ingot goud, Travel Pirate, Travel Dolphin and Travel Slug. Travel Ingot

Travel SlakTravel PirateTravel GPSTravel Dolphin


Geocachingshop in the news


Snert event (GC1QTK0):
On october 24th Geocachingshop will be present at the Snert event in Sellingen (in the northern part of The Netherlands). We will be there at around 10 am and stay until the evening. We will bring as much as possible with us. If there are people with special whishes, please let us know.

Navigation event:
On  october 6, we were present at the European Navigation Event. We made a short multi-cache so that people could try Geocaching, but mostly, we had to explain what   Geocaching is. A nice experience. An articel (in dutch) on Geocahing, is in the magazine AutoConnect. A scanned version of the article you can find here (and page 2 here).

Camper kriebels (Magazine of the Dutch Camper Club):
An article on Geocaching and the Geocachingshop is in the september edition of this magazine. A scanned version of the article, you can find here.


Do you have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly Verberne

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