09-07 July 2009
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09-07 July 2009

Geocachingshop Nieuwsflash - Juni 2009


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New Geocoins
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Newsflash, July 2009


Welcome Geocachers!

In this edition of our newsflash, a number of our latest additions are shown, a.o. some new  Geocoins en Microcoins.

The Geocachingshop is also in the news. Not only locally, but in October we will join an international navigation event!

A nice holiday for everyone who is leaving soon and of course happy Caching!

Have fun reading this and hopefully see you in our shop,

Marly Verberne
de Geocachingshop

New Geocoins


Here, you can find a number of the newest Geocoins in our shop: 

FTF Craze Comic

FTF Craze Comic

FTF Craze Comic
A wonderfull serie Geocoins: FTF Craze Comic. On these 4 coins, a comic is shown which explains the FTF. The coins a made such that they are also funny individually.

1st coin: You received an email/sms that a new cache has been published.

2nd coin: Quickly on your way to the cache location

3rd coin: more people are trying to reach the cahce, who will be first?

4e coin: Yes, you are first. FTF!

Ammo Box  Glitter

Ammobox glitterAmmo boxes are often used for bigger caches. A wonderfull camouflaged cachecontainer. This new Geocoin is in fact an ammo box in green glitter.


Signal FTF Antique Silver



Signal the frog, on a funny Geocoin for the first finder. The back is in antique silver.

This is a limited edition and has its own icon.



Geocaching world series

Dutch world serieFrom the Geocaching world series of Groundspeak, we have the Dutch and German Geocoin. The Dutch one is with Signal the Frog on a bike and with a Windmill in the back.
On the German coin, Signal de Frog is hanging on the antenne of a VW beetle, probably on it's way to a cache location!

Both are only limited available.


Cacher erger je niet!Cacher don't get frustrated!

This unique Geocoin has been designed by the Dutch designer Huiberts (van Stoffelen sr). The Geocoin has been produced in limited edition. We have some antique gold and silver coins.
The Geocoin is a tribute to the famous board game. This board game has been designed in 1914 and there are more then 60 million pieces sold. Each player starts in it's own area, is going clockwise over the board and eventually returns in it's own row. The first player who has all the pins back in the it's row, wins the game. Pins can jump over others and throw others from the board. You are only save when you are in your own row.
The DNF (Did Not Finisch) on the board game is as frustrating as a DNF in a cachers live.

You can find these and other Geocoins on our website, under



We have a number of new Microcoins added to our shop.

My Catch
A tribute to the cat and it's protective nature. The eyes of this cat are sparkling in the dark.





Foundit special gold, besides big brother, the Black Nikkel edition, we have now also little sister, the micro ediution in gold finish. Funny as reward for the FTF.


Mystery icon

Based on the "Mystery" icon of Geocaching.com. This micro is perfect to take with you on an event, to travel from cache to cache te reizen or to collect. This micro fits in smaller caches, even a film canister.

You can find these products in our shop, under microcoins.




TravelcapThe Travelcap is a comfortable, adjustable cap on which the Travelbug logo has been placed, together with the text "Discover me... if you can!" including the unique tracking number. 

TravelshirtThe shirt is in moss-green, outdoor color on which in cream-kleur the Travelbug logo, the text and the unique tracking number has been placed.

On your holiday, not only you can give others the option to discover you, but also at every cache you find or each nice location you visit, you could even discover yourself, so that others can track where you are.


Wonderfull, not only to have your car or motor 'found', but also to have the person found behind it.
The TravelCap and TravelShirt are delivered with a complete set of orginal Travelbugs with the same number. This Travelbug also can be used separately.

You can find these products in our shop, under trackables.

Geocachingshop in het nieuws


On October 6th, we will join the
European Navigation Event. This event is already being organised for 5 years and has been focusing on testing a number the newest navigation devices. This time, there will be also attention for Geocaching. Look at the following link for more information about the event www.navigationevent.eu.
The Geocachingshop will be there to explain more about Geocaching. Next to that, people have the option to go for a small multi-cache, to experience Geocaching.
Soon, it will be possible to sign in for the event. In our next newsflash we will have more information how you could do this.

Recently, there was an article in the local paper 'Rond de linde' about the Geocachingshop and Geocaching in het general.
Click here for the article online (dutch).

Next to that, in the next edition of the Camper Club Nederland, there will be an article about Geocaching an the Geocachingshop.

Exciting time!


Do you still have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,
Marly Verberne

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