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18650 accu - 3400mAh - flat top



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18650 accu - 3400mAh - flat top

This rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can be used in various torches, specially designed for these types of batteries. The battery is charged outside the torch, which means that you can recharge your empty battery and still use your torch as it is being powered by a second battery.

18650 Lithium-Ion batteries are guaranteed to last a very long time and can easily be used in low temperatures.

This battery is of the highest quality. Features a cell produced by Sanyo.

Suitable for the following torches

    Fenix torches that are suitable for 18650 batteries are: PD31, PD32, TK11, TK12 (possibly with 18650 body tube), TK15 (new model *), TK21 (new model *), TK35
    All the other torches in our range that are suitable for use with 18650 batteries

* This battery is not suitable for use with the old Fenix TK15 and TK21 models. These older models can be identified by the spring located on the inside of the torch. When you insert the battery into an old model of the torch, you will notice that the battery is slightly springy.

Product specifications:

    Nominal voltage: 3.7 Volt (Fully charged 4.2 Volts)
    Capacity: 3400 mAh
    Diameter: 18.5 mm
    Length: 70 mm
    Protected with stronger foil than used with standard batteries
    Features a cell produced by Sanyo
    Protection against overcharge, over current and short-circuit

Tip: Regular charging will prolong battery life!


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18650 accu - 3400mAh - flat top

18650 accu - 3400mAh - flat top

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