15-167 January 2015
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15-167 January 2015


Welcome Geocachers, 

First of all, a very happy newyear and we wish you lot's of Geocaching fun!

This edition we have a unique new Geocoin: the Baureihe 218, based on the German Baureihe 218 loc.
The coin is developed together with the German Geocacher Goslar and as of now available in our shop. 

Happy reading and caching,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

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This edition:

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Specialty geocoins
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Baureihe 218 Geocoin

This geocoin is developed together with goslar:

The Baureihe 218 Geocoin is the 2nd Locomotive Geocoin from a german Locomotive. This time it’s a Diesel Locomotive. There are 7 different Editions, the Artist Edition is available exclusive in the full collectors Sets.

List of the Editions:
RE „Purpurne“
LE150 „Arbeitstier“
XLE 100 „Ozeanblaue“
XLE 100 „Rheingold“
XXLE 75 „Ghosttrain“
XXLE 75 „Ending“
AE 40 „Elegance“

The RE,LE and XLE Versions are coloured like the original Locomotives from the Deutsche Bahn. The other versions are really special. The Ghosttrain is in Glow in the Dark, the Ending and Elegance Versions are worked out with less colour so that there is a cool effect with the Metall.

Every Coin is trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon Baureihe 218 Geocoin  and the coins have all a consecutive numbering.Baureihe 218 Geocoin

The coins have all a unique serial number. The sets have matching numbers.


Compass Rose Geocoin® 2014 - Set of all 5 coins including the LE version


The 2014 Compass Rose Geocoin set contains five different versions:

    Cosmos- Black nickel with polished nickel background (Limited Edition)
    Immortality - antique bronze
    Protection - polished nickel with polished gold background
    Longevity - antique silver
    Fortune - polished 24k gold


    Measures 2" (50mm) in diameter
    Translucent and solid hard enamel colors
    Some versions have glow-in-the-dark colors
    Swarovski gemstone on the front side
    Trackable on Geocaching.com
    A unique icon will show on your profile when you log a discovery

Compass Rose Geocoin 2014



Back on stock

Dartboard Geocoin black nickel

This cute coin reminds you of all the wunderfull evenings during the stammtisch events or otherwise where you could play the fun game of darts.
This coin has been designed by the Portugese cacher 'Albon' and consist of two different parts, the board and the arrow, which can be connected to each with two small magnets.
Both parts are separately trackable and have a different number.
So, you will have two different coins.

The dartboard and the arrow are trackable via Geocaching.com and have their own unique icon: 


Jules Verne

- 20.000 leagues under sea
- The mysterious island
- Journey to the center of the earth

A tribute to Jules Vernes books.

Thess beautiful geocoins are designed by T. Steel Jones and shaped like a book (5cm high and 3,5cm wide). Complete with a front cover, a spine and a back cover. The Geocaching theme is depicted in this fabulous geocoin.

Very detailed coin with 14 colors on the front and 12 colors on the back.

Size: 5 cm high and 3,5cm wide (3,5mm thick)

Trackable at geocaching.com 


Pocket decoder

De pocketdecoder is designed as a "functional" geocoin, that can be used to create of solve mystery caches.

To turn the wheel, you can rotate the inner disk and decode every puzzle.

De Pocket Decoder is 55mm in diameter and 70mm high (excluding the top-ring),14mm thick and weighs 120gram. The case is antique bronze with a black enamel.

De Pocket Decoder comes in a red valour pouch.

Trackable at Geocaching.com with its own iconAntique Gold Pocket Decoder Geocoin


Also available: extra center wheels for the pocket decoder.

- CAV, Poker and WEQ


Specialty geocoins

We have again some very special geocoins added to our website. Most of them are single pieces.

- European Wildlife Series Geocoin, 3 editions
- Limbo Holiday Event Geocoin
- Scincus 50 Geocoin
- SGN-Wie-kent-Event Geocoin
- Stroatkjals Luttenberg (Mr. John) Geocoin, 2 editions
- Team Myth Geocoin, 3 editions
- Wingfriends The Netherlands Geocoin, 2 editions



Next to the 12 LED's standard UV flashlights, we now also have 3 additional models:

21 LED (10 m, 3 x AAA), 51 LED (10-15 m bredere bundel, 3 x AA) en Eagletac with 3Watt UV Edison chip (2 x AA).


Our 12 LED UV flashlights are now delivered including 3 AAA batteries:



We are at the following events:

In 2015 we are at least at the following events:

1 february 2014, Coinstruck Belgium

14 march, HCE Hoorn, the Netherlands

12 april, Brugse Beer V, Belgium

16 may, Gutenberg Mainz, Germany

6 june, GeoXantike, Xanten, Germany

26 september, Geocoinfest, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

For more information, you can check our website on the event calendar.

Do you have more questions, you can sent an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.
Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne
N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

Geocachingshop.nl | de Huufkes 3 | 5674 TL Nuenen | Tel. 040 - 7870738 | info@geocachingshop.nl









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