13-118 September 2013
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13-118 September 2013



Welcome Geocachers,  

Since a few months, we are working from our new location. As we have moved fully now, we will also available around lunchtime,which means that we can extend our opening hours. We are now available during weekdays from 9:00 - 16:30.

Dutch Geocoin 2013

At the end of August, the design made by Pingos has been chosen as winner of the Dutch Geocoin 2013 contest, Last couple of weeks, we have been busy converting this into a coin design which you can see below.
The goal is to have the coin available in our shop just before Sinterklaas.
As soon as the samples are ready, it will be possible to reserve the coin via our website.
Dutch Geocoin 2013


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Happy reading,
Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

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Whale Rider - Morning, Moonrise and Sunset

Whale GeocoinWhale GeocoinWhale Geocoin

Whale GeocoinWhale GeocoinWhale Geocoin

Beautiful geocoin in the shape of a whale.
The poem on the back is a children's poem by Maria Heming.

Size: 42 x 20 mm

Trackable at geocaching.com



Confucius Geocoin, The Journey

"The journey is the reward." is a proverb often associated with Confucius. During my research about this saying I discovered that when Chinese talk about this saying, they think it’s an American, respectively Western Europe saying. In fact, the original saying by Confucius is "Chi Yu Tao." (if I'm correct) which you could interpret as "The perceptiveness/attention/... is in the road/way/being/journey/...."

When I first thought about this proverb - we have a very similar one in German - I immediately thought about geocaching and vice-versa. For me, the journey is the one thing I'm most interested in; The exploring of the sight; The riddles. Spotting the cache and logging is just the final goal. Talking to the community, it's sometimes about the lifestyle. But with the things you have to do to get this, it is the reward of growing on the path - that’s what’s fascinating to me.

So I started to design this first coin. At first I thought about a multi-colored version, but in the end I choose this very simple one.

The front of this polished nickel version represents the “river” (with the reflection of the sun).
The details on the moon are very important for me. It gives the design the depth and the coin a special feeling - I think.
On the backside is the dharma wheel (originally from India) which found its way into the Daoist world view and represents the eight elements, cardinal points, and many more.

A polished gold version was minted as a special, limited edition. It is not for sale through our website.

    Measures 44 mm diameter.
    Polished nickel finish.
    Imitation hard enamel color.
    Trackable on Geocaching.com.
    An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a find. Confucius Geocoin


Norse Vegvisir

Chris Mackey made this masterpiece.  He says "The Icelandic themed Vegvisir has a great story, it's the Viking compass using light through a sunstone that was around before the magnetic compass and then for some time after as well."

With this coin comes a pathtag, with a unique number, which can be logged at pathtags.com
Dimensions    44 mm
Thickness    3.5 mm
Finish    Antique Gold

This Geocoin is trackable via Geocaching.com and has its own icon:  Geocoin Club May 2013 Geocoin


Just married Geocoin

This beautiful geocoin is a perfect gift for a wedding couple.
On the front a compasrose and the text below.
On the backside you see the wedding couple on their way to.....
There is an option to engrave maximum 3 lines of text. The engraving area is 16 x 10 mm, so don't add to much text as it gets too small.

This geocoin has been designed by the Belgian geocacher  frankske001 & Co

Size: 45 mm diameter, 3 mm thick
This geocoin is trackable via Geocaching.com and has its own icon.

We've hiked near and we've hiked far !
We've cached by foot and we've cached by car !
They may be big.
They may be small.
They may be micro, the most tiny of all !
Sometimes, you find trash...
Sometimes, you find treasure...
Lucky for us...
We found each other !

CacheTrek Geocoin Voyager

Not only for Vulcans
This Geocoin has been designed for all Star Trek Fans. The slogan of the coin (translated): "Cache, log, Trek - Cache hard and in Peace"

- size: app. 50 mm (2 inches) length; 3 mm thickness
- trackable at Geocaching.com with its own icon at Geocaching.com: 




Specialty Geocoins

This week again a number of specialty Geocoins. Some, we only one piece, so they might be gone quickly.

- All in one 2007, diverse uitvoeringen
- Cache Critters, Baa
- European Union Geocoin
- Skunked Geocoin
- World traveler diverse uitvoeringen


You can find these geocoins in the category  Specialty geocoins.


 Trackable License Plate

  These plates have the printed Geocaching.com logo and embossed tracking numbers just like a real license plate. The tracking numbers and border are painted with reflective material. Mounting holes are not included with these vanity plates.

    Overall size: 52cm x 11.3cm
    Regular and reflective paint
    Trackable on Geocaching.com
    A unique icon shows in your geocaching profile when you log a discoveryGeocaching License PlateGeocaching License Plate

In Europe it is not allowed to replace your regular licenseplate with this trackable license plate.


Night caching

Reflector foil

Next to the prisma reflector foil, we have now also foil in in 6 colors: red, silver, yellow, orange, blue and green.







Groundspeak products


Do you miss a product from Groundspeak?

Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak.


we are at the following events:

Oktober 2013:
On 6 october 2013 we are at the Noaberevent 2013
On 26 october 2013 we are at the SAKE 2013

November 2013:
On 9 november 2013 we are at the OFZE 2013

For more information about our presence at events, please look at our event kalender.
Do you still have questions, then please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.
Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

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