13-117 September 2013
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13-117 September 2013




Welcome Geocachers,  

Photo contest

Last weekend we have selected the 4rd and last winning picture from our photo contest at Facebook. Next to that, an additional price has been given to the photo with the highest amount of votes. Congratulations to all winners.
Soon, the pictures will be prined and will get a nice spot in out showroom.


Collect your order at an event!

Coming weekend we will be at the LT event in Lier near Antwerp and the week after at in Gent. You can  make an order and select for collect at the event to save shipping costs.

Reserve Geocoin Gents Geo event II

The coins for the Gents Geo event II on 14 september are almost here and you can now reserve a coin  via our website and collect them at the event in Gent:



Our updates can be followed on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ :

Happy reading and caching,
Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

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 Deze keer:

Nieuwe geocoins
Speciale Geocoins
Speciale containers & loggen
Maxpedition & Fenix update
Groundspeak produkten
Geocachingshop bij Events


Steampunk Robot, now in antique copper

He’s from the future—or maybe the past, we’re not sure. Either way, this friendly robot will get your geocaching gears turning!

This Steampunk Robot Geocoin is 1.75" tall and includes a matching travel tag (same code) which allows either one to be trackable at Geocaching.com. With a detailed design and pivoting arms, this geocoin is a nice addition to any collection.

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:
Geoswag C&P Club April 2013 Steampunk Robot Geocoin


CacheCat Geocoin - back on stock with 2 new editions

This cute geocoin is based on the english wordgame "The Minister's Cat".
In antique silver with olivegreen enamel.
Quote on the back:
There are few
things in life
more heartwarming
than to be welcomed
by a cat.
- Tay Hohoff

Size: 38mm
Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:
CacheCat Geocoin


Specialty Geocoins

This week again a number of specialty Geocoins. Some, we only one piece, so they might be gone quickly:

- California geocoin
- Kansas geocoin
- Missisipi geocoin
- Mojave desert geocoin
- Parks Canada geocoin
- Smell the Roses geocoin
- South Carolina geocoin
- South Carolina micro geocoin
- Several Stargate Anubis, Horus, Sutech


You can find these geocoins in the categoty Speciale geocoins.


Travel racer green

Featuring a custom icon, this fun new trackable known as Travel Racer will be a delight to find in any cache! Travel Racer in green is a late model version.
They are fully trackable at Geocaching.com, each with a unique tracking number so you can follow their travels. Made of aluminum,these fun travelers also come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item. These Travel Racers measure 3,8 x 1,5 cm so they will fit nicely in smaller cache containers.


Cachekinz™ - Stunk, gliiter butterfly and glitter ladybird

Cachekinz™ are unique trackable tag that you can attach to items and follow their migration around the world! They are made out of the same aluminum material as most dog tags and are almost 5 cm square. These trackables have character and color. There is a custom icon for all the Cachekinz™.

Speciale containers & Loggen

Magnetische Tag Cache

This a magnetic tag with a random number (each cache has a different number).
A great camouflage cache!

The tag 17,5 x 10 cm and has a logsheet on the backside.

We advise to use this tag on a safe place (avoid from using it on electrical installations).

A logsheet which fits in this cache is: Logsheet 3,8 x 23 cm


Reflector Cache Red

This cache is easy to hide and hard to find. Constructed to look like a small reflector, containing two small magnets for easy positioning.
This container is a great way to rack up favorite points! This waterproof container includes a RITR Micro Log Strip.

Size: 9,5 x 3 cm, 1 cm thick
Logsheet: 24 x 2 cm, Rite in the Rain paper

Nano logsheets RITR, 5 pcs

The perfect replacement strips for maintaining your nano cache.
Made with Official Rite in the Rain paper, these log strips are designed to hold up to the elements.
Each sheet measures 0,71 x 35,5 cm and includes numbered spaces for up to 35 entries.

Five log sheets are included. 


I Love Geocaching keycords

We have our "I love Geocaching" keycords back on stock, also with some new colors.

Now available in black, green, aqua blue, orange, light blue and dark blue with glow in the dark text.


Fenix & Maxpedition

New from Fenix: the Fenix powerlight PD35:

The limited edition of the ‘souped up’ PD32 Ultimate Edition has been a tremendous success. That’s why we now have the Fenix PD35. Fenix has actually managed to squeeze in yet a few more improvements. The beam has a sharp edge and is very smooth, no signs of a doughnut anywhere! The max. light output of 850 lumens is extreme, especially when considering the compact format of the torch.


New from Maxpedition: The Malaga in black and Sitka in khaki:



Groundspeak produkten

Cache Observatory - antique silver Groundspeak Limited Edition

Earlier this year, the 2.000.000th cache has been published which requires some serious monitoring.
Therefore an observation lab has been developed to help doing this job.
They should be in orbit soon.
Each observatory is trackable via geocaching.com
They have lookthrough colorwindows and night-illumination.

Size: 50 mm diameter, around 20 mm thick
Spinning 'gravitation generator'.

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon



Do you miss a product from Groundspeak?

Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak. 


we are at the following events:

September 2013:
On 7 september 2013 we are at the LT event in Antwerpen
On 14 september 2013 we are at the Groots Gents Event in Gent

Oktober 2013:
On 6 october 2013 we are at the Noaberevent 2013
On 26 october 2013 we are at the SAKE 2013

November 2013:
On 9 november 2013 we are at the OFZE 2013

For more information about our presence at events, please look at our event kalender.


Do you still have questions, then please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.
Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne

N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064
Geocachingshop.nl | de Huufkes 3 | 5674 TL Nuenen | Tel. +31 40 - 7870738 | info@geocachingshop.nl




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